Our Philosophy

We are an Austrian company which is family-run. Partnerships, trust, appreciation, mutual respect and personal responsibility are important principles in our company.

All of our efforts have one goal: to recognise and satisfy the needs of our customers. Highly satisfied and enthusiastic consumers are the focus of our every action.

Our international network allows us to enjoy close proximity to our customers. Thus we have our finger on the pulse of contemporary local needs and are able to anticipate future trends.

Wewalka has been dedicated to driving sustainable business practices. In addition to sourcing environmentally friendly commodities like sustainable palm oil, we meet our energy demands by using local, replenishable raw materials and recycling heat from our production lines.

We assure the qualification and motivation of our members of staff as a result of extensive further training measures and we promote health care by making a company doctor available to our employees.

We are conscious of the fact that only an intact environment can provide us with the high-quality raw materials we require for our products. Our heat energy demands are covered using replenishable raw materials from the region.